‘We limn the flatness of our devices, our liquid crystal screens, and imagine thereby that we live.’ Esther Leslie, ‘Volatile, Liquid, Crystal’ * 
My name is Abigail Fletcher-Drye and I am an artist, educator and researcher based in London. For my DAR I am interested in exploring the fluidity of interfaces. In 2017 I completed a DAR exploring the notion of the online space as a site for physical, bodily change through self-care and self-improvement communities. I was specifically interested in the tension that exists between the skin touching hardware and non-touching software. I aim to develop this work by exploring the material attributes of digital interfaces, specifically the role of liquid in the transfer of digital information. Esther Leslie writes in Liquid Crystals: the science and art of a fluid form (2016) about the importance of liquid crystalline, a critical state transition which has enabled a radical change in our social engagement through the emergence of screens; ‘Liquid crystal is worldly. It is a phase of matter, in the world and now of the world.’ It is the matter or stuff of the screen and our interaction with the screen through touch that is at the heart of this residency. 
*Leslie, Esther, ‘Volatile, Liquid, Crystal’ in Lange-Berndt, Petra, ed. Materiality Documents of Contemporary Art London and Cambridge, Massachusetts: Whitechapel Gallery and The MIT Press, 2015to edit it. 
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