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[--[MERCUR☿️AL M☿️ND]--] 

Visual story in images and videos uploaded weekly, from 1.8. until 31.8.2018 


Mercurial mind is a visual story in images and videos, reimagining the relationship between our bodies, data sharing and the Cloud. Combining mythological, metaphysic and symbolic elements within the framework of a technological utopia, the project showcases uncanny and stylised imagery with the use of performative elements and digital and 3D tools. 
The project relates Cloud computing to the age of Aquarious, imagining a rise of a global human consciousness called The Mercurial Mind. Mercury symbolises the air and mental energy, opening up channels of communication never before thought of. The project draws from ideas digital metaphysics, alchemy, sacred geometry, the arcane, and the occult origins of technology. 
The Cloud and Alchemy (in translation the way of Mercury) both relate to the hidden aspect of power and knowledge. The project revisits the idea of the Cloud as a symbol of a mystical place where we store our data, memories, and knowledge. In this global trasformation, transmutation and transparency of self and data, we move past all binaries, past invisible borders to sharing our knowledge, into a world of techno-telepathy, synchronicity, global networks, tech-mind symbiosys, and unity, where everything around us is related through air waves and wifi bandwidths and flows endlessly between our bodies, minds and servers. 
How to walk on Clouds of the infinite multiverse 
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