Alan J. Perry 
In my studio practice, I create work informed by the relationship between humans and technology that addresses emergent systems in artificial intelligence, digital landscapes, and image making. I make use of photography, digital collage, 3D modeling, programming, and electronics to make images, videos, and objects.  
A substantial portion of my conceptual framework is found in anachronism and historical re-presentation, manifesting most recently in concepts that dovetail with those found in Umberto Eco's essays Dreaming of the Middle Ages and Living in the New Middle Ages. During my residency I will be uploading research material, sketches, and digital work that would have been made 500 years ago about today. 
Illustrated Occult Star Chart: Art Institute of Chicago, 10:30 AM, December 8, 1893. 2018. 
Color Plates from Medieval Robots, by E. R. Truitt. 
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