Founded in late 2019 in Dubai, E-Z Kryptobuild believes the future of urbanism lies not in the tired and smog-ridden capital city, but out on open water or across the mystic plains of the high desert. We seek to integrate fully automated luxury living with the sustainability goals and design paradigms of tomorrow. Learning from the failed metropolises and urban planning principles of yesteryear, we stress carbon neutrality and mindful living, so that all residents can achieve their best selves, even as humankind inches closer towards the apocalypse. 
Our bulletproof blockchain network enables individuals and high-net-worth investors alike the opportunity to invest in our architect-designed utopia for the end of times. Simply select your favourite of six prototype designs developed by celebrated architects and designers, including Jean Nouvel, Norman Foster, Thomas Heatherwick, and the AI ghost of Zaha Hadid, and show your support by investing in our very own E-Z Kryptobuild cryptocurrency.  
The winner of our U-2-Utopia sweepstakes will be declared at the end of May, and investors who have backed the winning entry will be offered their very own spot on the floating island or desert community upon the completion of construction. We are proud to offer forward-thinking individuals the opportunity to invest in the design competition of a lifetime that will result in a truly sustainable new platform for contemporary post-urban living. Register your interest today at 

Welcome to Nütropix. 

Located somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean, Nütropix offers a variety of eco-friendly architect-designed residences for its clients to call home. Liberated from the fear of congation, centralized government, and sales tax, it is a lost paradise for our high-net-worth clients, an elite alter-reality where the party never stops and the sun never sets. Representing a total integration of Instagram-friendly eco-chic environmentalism and cutting-edge technology, Nütropix boasts such innovations as solar-harvesting algae panels, “Smart Palm” routers providing 5G connectivity, and a modular cell structure enabling the island to reconfigure itself limitlessly. Complete with swimming pools, casinos, speed yachts, dozens of restaurants, and health clubs, Nütropix enables its residents to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic in style.  
In the second chapter of Zaha Hadid Architect's pitch to the E-Z Kryptobuild design sweepstakes, the promotional video gets hijacked by the architect's resurrected AI ghost.  
Wisened by her years off this Earth, Hadid laments the current state of architecture and the world at large, which is wracked with neo-nationalist politics, a climate catastrophe, and socio-economic collapse at the hands of a mass health crisis.  
Raging against E-Z Kryptobuild's manipulative disaster capitalism, alongside all the haters shit-talking her post-mortem, she resolves to hack the company and expose its ruse once and for all.. 
E-Z Kryptobuild is proud to introduce BluPod: borderless innovation. Combining the best of Silicon Valley’s podshare co-living movement with the limitless opportunities of a floating start-up incubator strategically located on international waters. Just 12 miles from the coast of California, residents can enjoy our floating live-work island visa-free. We provide easy access to investor meetings in Silicon Valley, which is just a quick 30 minute ferry ride away. 
All residents have 24-hour access to a communal hackathon and coworking space with 3 flavors of Huel, nitro brew coffee and craft beer on tap. 
BluPod: Your life raft to a better reality. 
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