Amy Foster 

Online Installation / Data CAPTCHA / Navigating the web  

Film - WAVEDATA - 2018 - Amy Foster  
Image generated from spontaneous visual data conversion in post-production editing. Conceptually, the film represents the changeability and unpredictability of digital softwares.  
‘Online installation’ can take form with careful curation of a body of images and how they are accessed on the web. Going beyond traditional observation or scrolling, this practice can enhance engagement with work presented online. In extending the artist’s physical renditions of moments in time to a digital platform – the work has potential to offer a space of escape and intelligent commentary on the overabundance of material on the net. 
Unfamiliarity encourages curiosity to explore the constructed web space rather than aid a de-sensitivity to the excess of consumer information. To encode information for ourselves, to attach humanity to an increasingly automated world – is to engage with our sensate abilities that are lost on artificial intelligence. 
*interactive web pages coming soon* 
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