The Roaring of the Carabao            

This project considers the unresolved histories and inherited emotions of imperialistic oppression through the imagined embodiment of the Taal volcano. Located in the Philippine’s province of Batangas, 30 miles south of Manila, the Taal volcano is among one of the most active volcanoes in the country. Utilizing aspects of hauntology, this work engages with the volcano’s ongoing turbulence as a spectre of the production of Filipino Americanism; silenced imaginaries never properly mourned for and visions of a future that were promised but never arrived. 
In a series of renderings, I will be recreating a 3D model of the Taal Volcano, a method of considering the volcano’s activity itself as a process of relentless remembering. This phase of research and experimentation will result in the production of a CGI animation that narrates a story of a night of the volcano’s eruption, intergenerational anger and a desire for heat. 
“Positive conjuration”, or the hauntological gesture in which specters are raised to be listened to, uncontrolled and allowed the capacity to exercise themselves 
Angeline Marie Michael Meitzler is a Filipino American artist, writer and software worker based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work and research have revolved around an interdisciplinary reflection on how legacies of empire inform social and economic value systems. 
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