"(...) a place is much more than its geographical location and its tangible elements - and (...) places, like texts, 'are socially constructed through symbols, discourses and representations. In this sense places, and in particular places of pleasure and affect, are also always texts.'"* 
holy ghosts is a (web)site-specific project, in which I will create a narrative and performative map of my current place of residence - Jerusalem. Throughout the month I will work with paid ghostwriters from all over the globe and all kinds of genres to reserach the availabilty of narratives in the age of the Internet and the uniqueness of experiences in a globalized world. To see how the imagined will collide with local reality, I will serve as their messenger and mark the spots of their/my traces on the map, their words accompanied by my visual input. In the end, multiple layers of my-selves will have been spread all over the city and create their own pattern and chain of events.  
*From: Hendrik and Sarah Linden:"Fans and Fan Cultures. Tourism, Consumerism and Social Media", 2017, London, p.110 
ghost#1: marymkiesel, Bangladesh 
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Antje Cordes (GER) is an interdisciplinary artist, performance director, and dramaturg, currently based in Jerusalem. 
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