Posthuman Island is a virtual research centre on an island in the Philippines set in a futuristic world showcasing five transformed humans in 2060. The project speculates the evolution of human biology and psychology under the influence of AI. 
What you are about to experience is an envisioned reality. 
Explore themes of our potential physical and mental adaptations coinciding with impending technology and the influence of corporate power as you explore earthly delights. 
Learn more about the Island's history and it’s endangered flora and fauna. Come to each posthuman’s room to see digital artworks from five different artists and their reflection on the question: 
What should we, humans, take with us into the future? 
To whom are we entrusting our future? 
Chris Collins US @chris__content 
Huntrezz Janoz US @huntrezz 
Maria Dmitrova UA @mashadmitrova 
Obso1337 UK + George Jasper Stone UK @georgejasperstone 
Wednesday Kim South Korea @wednesdaykimm 
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