Duncan Poulton 
Digital Artist-in-Residence 1 - 31 October 2018 
really really hungry like the wolf (2018), digital collage 
Magical School of Confidence (2018), digital collage 
My practice could be seen as an expanded form of collage realised through digital video and image assemblage. Itinerant in nature, my work is currently preoccupied with themes of simulation, copying and circulation, and is an ongoing re-mediation of an increasingly virtual world. 
I am interested in the knowing misapplication of established techniques and formal strategies, the productive misinterpretation of existing cultural content. I am involved in a constant process of gathering materials into a vast digital archive - focusing on ‘poor’, lost or no-longer-seen images - and developing new frameworks or intuitive logics with which to reinsert them, offering them new life. 
Summer of '18 (2018), digital collage 
Untitled (2018), digital collage 
Untitled (Meathead) (2018), digital collage 
Your Text Here (2018), digital collage 
Untitled (2018), digital collage 
Knight of Sentiments (2018), digital collage 
Preparatory digital sketch for Nerd Dungeon 
Nerd Dungeon (2018), digital collage 
xxx (2018), digital collage 
The Death of Froben (2018), digital collage 
Commiserations (2018), digital collage 
Detail from Commiserations 
Detail from Commiserations 
Screen recording for Pile (Circles) 
Pile (Circles) (2018), digital animation, 21 seconds 
Thinking about how to activate my digital archive of images, I decided to treat it as its own miniature internet, and began to categorise images according to arbitrary, formal attributes in the same way that a search engine might.  
The short animation Pile (Circles) is a layering of all the circular images I've gathered in 2018, piled ontop of one another in chronological order into an enormous yet invisible stack. 
Pile (Tangle) (2018), digital collage 
Pile (Tangle) (2018), digital animation, 27 seconds 
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