Ian Malhotra 
== Artist-in-Residence at Digital Artist Residency 1st - 30th June 2017 == 
Project continues at: https://ianmalhotra.x-temporary.org/ 
Right Click, Save As 
My work focuses on the conflict between the analogue and digital use of visual information, often using systems of drawing to manually create artworks that in process mimic the mechanisms of the digital image production but subvert the intention of these mechanisms through their manual realisation. By forcing the viewer to experience the work through their own laborious participation, participants will physically experience a slow, intensely human performance parodying of the 'Right Click, Save As' nature of online image downloading. 
Using the systems of drawing I have created, I will produce images of the chance vistas that catch my eye through no predetermined criteria, deliberately contrasting against the staged images shared on social networking sites. I will then encoded this visual information using 4 different coding systems: Morse code alphabet, Morse code audio, Binary and Braille. There will be one performance utilising each code during the project.  
For this project, each week a drawing was be uploaded to the site in its encoded form, along with the necessary de-coding instructions, allowing anyone viewing to use these tools to reproduce the original drawing themselves. In this way the performances were widespread and self-directed, reminiscent of the way a digital image is shared, downloaded and printed while engendering questions of the value of labour and ownership. At 5pm each Friday of the week, the displayed encoded drawing was removed from the site and briefly replaced with the original un-encoded drawing until the next change encoded drawing was released the following Monday. Due to the temporary, fleeting nature of the residency, the only tangible remnants of these drawings' existence or physical presence possible to the viewer is their own simulacra created by participating in the performance. 
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