In my Approach, i'm giving importance to the process as a form of creation. This shematic is created by Kicad software, for modeling 3D circuit for a card engineering sytem. The card system is part of the sound installation.  
This system is intended for capturing data- air from the atmospher, to visualise it into sound vibration, recreated in sort of clicks and noises generated by relay-models. 
I created this GIF to see the difference lines between the cricuits in red and green. 

 Through the reference of Charles babbage's approach of molecules (He is a mathematician, philosopher and engineer mechanics who invented the concept of a programmable computer in 1820)   In "the Ninth Bridgewater Treatise" Babbage theory suggests is that the atmosphere is a vast repository of what has already been said and that we could potentially rewind the movement of each molecule of air to recreate the voices of all who have spoken in the past. What intrigued me, is this idea of coexisting with “fantômes”, and with the atmosphere. In this context of coexistence, with the atmosphere, and with this flux of molecules, that I create a sort of system and translation platform, a translation of a source as material for the creation of devices and installation.  Link  

This is a 3D printing design model objects. the work is the result of the intersection between design, art and technology. 
Analyzing the objects forms as a ubiquitous result, and as a markers of human and machine interactivity. I'm considering these research design object as combining progress from the basic to the complex. A construction form that is made in sophisticated material. 
This approach generates multidisciplinary forms that sometimes offer a new perspective to the work. By playing on the duality between simplicity and complexity or the ephemeral and the duration. 
Analogue Sound visualisation : 
An infinite of capturing variation sound frequencies, the result is visual and contemplative. Software controlled to follow the motion, and enables to precise the physical sound in a different ways and forms : from subtle to obvious, from high to low, of symmetric, and textures patterns. 
Biography : 
Jihen Ben Chikha 
Visual and Media Artist, Working in the field of media art, and interactive design.I'm focusing on vibratory order phenomena approache, by mixing mechanics, sounds and light, producing devices and interactive experiences. Through my art approach, and practice i'm identifing the composite physical and energitic material phenomenon of our atmospher, translate waves and frequencies into a flow of data from a system operation and computer language. A practice that develops from captations of electromagnetic waves so the data become the vectors of an observation of the world that tends more and more to take a visual and sound form. 
My research engages multidisciplinary forms and fields : art, design, science, electronics, mechanic and new technologies mediums. I'm working on my self-made devices, and since 2018 i'm exploring more the digital creation technologies, and the maker movement : DIY ( Do It Yourself) and DIWO (Do It With Others) 
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