Louise O'Boyle  
Louise O'Boyle is a Lecturer in Art & Design at Belfast School of Art, Ulster University. Her arts practice focuses on the relationship between arts, health and wellbeing. Current work includes challenging attitudes towards mental ill health and the promotion of emotional wellbeing through socially engaged practices; and creating visual narratives informed by bioethical discourses on end of life care in the articulation of patient narratives as they live through the process of dying.  
See louiseoboyle.com and damnumvquaestus.com for more information. 
Her project 'Recording Circles' will explore the fluidity of creating a personal narrative on the self through the use of collected and created datasets. 
Throughout this residency I will be exploring three themed clusters; FAITH - HOPE - SECURITY; LOVE - FATE - READY; and PATTERN - PRINT - LOGIC. Narrative suggests stories, and as Connelly and Clandinin state “humans are story-telling organisms who, individually and socially lead storied lives” (1990; 2). Constructing, understanding and articulating our ‘story’ to the self and others requires ‘thick’ descriptions of the lived experience (Geertz, 1973). Consider Fry’s assertion that “data never stays the same” (2008; 3). In this residency I will be exploring a visual narrative of the self using relevant datasets, personal and public, to articulate complex and tangled realities. 
Connolly., M., Clandinin., D.J. (1990) Stories of Experience and Narrative Inquiry, Educational Researcher, Vol. 19, No. 5, pp. 2-14 
Fry, B. (2008) Visualizing data: Exploring and explain data with the processing environment, Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly Media. 
Geertz, C. (1973) The Interpretation of Culture, USA: Basic Books 
Tracking moods and feelings each hour over Days 1 - 4.  
Data Circles 
Visualisation of collated information from public datasets 
utilising parallel coordinates technique 
Stitch & Mend 
Stitch (thread & digital) every time an act of emotional repair was needed over weeks 1-4 
Every week 
Thirteen cycles examined 
Final Analysis 
The three themed clusters explored during this residency have been concluded in the following works: 
Data Lockets 
Information locked 
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