Mark Ramos 
Mark Ramos is a Brooklyn-based new media artist. He makes fragile post-colonial tech as internet art/art objects. Mark is deeply committed to the ethos of open source: the free sharing of information and data + creative uses of technology. Mark works with software/web programming, and physical computing to create interactive work that facilitate encounters with our own uncertain digital futures. 
I’m currently developing a new project called #Instant_Internet_ Gratification that looks at the ways we seek fulfillment, stimulation, intimacy, and connection online: How do we encounter pleasure on the Internet? Or, are the ways we use the Web more symptomatic of a specific kind of deliberately manufactured late-capitalist new media addiction? To explore this question I’ve been looking at how app and web developers employ a psychology of addiction to incentivize users to keep engaging with their platforms. I’m developing a visual web-language that co-opts the iconography of “likes” ❤️👍✅, push notifications/alerts 🔔🔊, and online gaming “win” graphics 💎✨ that are carefully crafted to keep us wanting more and more. 
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