Nicholas Delap is a British digital artist working with VR, AR, 3D modelling to explore themes of wilderness, re-wilding, and Post-Humanism. Through use of speculative simulation, Delap creates immersive and other-wordly virtual environments, sculptures, and video installations. Most often downloadable to the desktop, Delap’s 3D rendered works materialise as self-contained interactive environments that undermine the traditional boundaries between the human, the natural, and the technological. 
In his work, Delap explores the relationship between modern, domesticated technologies and wildness. Utilising hypermedia, Delap opens portals between discrete virtual spaces that aim to capture the magic and meaning inherent to their physical referents. His works operate on the logic of video games, emphasising embodiment and the inherent qualities of the virtual to offer unique and near-religious phenomenologies that root the viewer to the digital landscape. What results are paradoxical encounters through screen-space that richly enmesh the natural and the artificial in complex software assemblages that resist binary classification or simplistic understandings of what is 'natural.' 
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