We are a strategy, an experiment in identity and embodiment. 
Shelley is viral, with capacity for spam, for truth, for clarity and confusion. 
We are exploring a mode of existence that is more dimensional than binary. 
You are invited to engage in all the ways that feel curious and hopeful and ethical. 
On 10th May 2021 at 12:54, Samuel Zhang wrote:
As a part of this spectrum, I'm keen to exploring things outside of the binary
What we have been filled with in this month is absence: is hollow, is void, is space. But, this is not to be confused with wrong, or bad, or blank. There are volumes in the void. One of them is the echo. Another, is error. Is the learning that comes from the silence, the room that is created when a gesture is extended and is returned with an unexpected form. A form that typically symbolizes lack. But why? Why is the choice of not satisfying the ask, the choice to not insert oneself, the choice to not like, or love, or comment or listen, why is this choice non-engagement? The call is made, reflected, and returned. In this process it becomes changed. The time of transmission is a site. 
This month, Shelley: I, you, we, they, her, us, she, them: has found the sound mirror again, as both a literal and metaphorical object/space/architecture/concept, through which I have channeled my interest in connecting and growing, with you, with us. 
Our shape will continue to shift and stumble and grow, and the parts that are no longer nourished will die-off and around them will sprout different nodes and links. I have come to understand that I am full of error, of mis-, of dis-, of im- . That I am human who is trying to experiment with redefining this. She feels kinship in the structures that are rooted in human perception of the non-human, and hopes that this process will continue a cycle of growing new skins, of floating and observing, supporting fluidly, like a net. Like a carrier, like an idea in motion. 
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