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you did make her happy, but then she changed into someone you couldn't make happy 
Curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight 
Video by Will Kendrick 
Sounds by Cara Farnan, Clerk 37, Devon Forrester-Jones, Holly Standen, James Choucino, Mel Azevedo, Razvan Anghelache, Rebecca Glover, Roland Wegerer, Roxman Gatt, Will Pardoe, Xindi Zhou 
Statement/Project Info 
The internet offers us a space of possibilities where hierarchies are toppled and time is collapsed. It was often proposed that the internet would provide us with a Utopian refuge from the physical world. 
However this act of removal of certain boundaries has actually brought forward a point at which information has been flattened out to such an extent that most things in this space are rendered meaningless. High art rides alongside lo art. Reality, fiction, lies and truth sit hand in hand. 
Barriers between the authentic and the implausible are breaking down. Reality is more subjective than ever, and the clear communication of ideas and opinions is difficult to achieve. Swept away on a looping tide of clickbait into seamless worlds of video game vistas where our news-feeds are tailored to our desires. We are told that we are all different, we are all individuals, and it’s coincidental we all want the same things, same images, same products, and same celebrities that shimmer and flicker before us 
Sanding down the rubbing spots between planes of existence: real:virtual:botanical:human. Screen-lives buffer as ancient artefacts are re-branded for mass consumption. Sci-fi psychedelia assert parity while hierarchies bleed out in numerical free-fall. Revolution creeps on crepe soles, holding something that is half light-saber, half spirit-level. In a holding space for those who shuttle between worlds. 
Born in Blackpool UK, lives and works and Glasgow UK. He holds a MA Fine Art Practice from Glasgow School of Art and a BA Hons Fine Art from Bath School of Art and Design, UK. His work is centred around contemporary cultural methods of production and archiving, consistently referencing the collapse and parallels of time experienced after the internet, in our hyper-saturated, connected experience. 
Solo exhibitions include I’ll See You In Another Life Brother, SERF Leeds; I have never been there but I know what it looks like, AiR Sandnes, Stavanger, Norway (2016). Your Life is Yours to Consume, Supercollider, Blackpool UK (2015); They Say Dreaming Is Dead, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow UK (2015); Only the Statues Remain, Roman Baths, Bath UK (2015); MMORPG, Spike Island, Bristol UK (2014); Trichromatic, Elements, Bath UK (2012). 
Previous Work: Can Serrat Artist Residency April 2017 
Will Kendrick Can Serrat
Let Me Slide Between 2 Worlds, 2017. Can Serrat Artist Residency, Barcelona 
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