PIL Project 
Artist-in-Residence at Digital Artist Residency 
Zombie Media Residency 
16th November - 13th December 2015 
Pil project is an on line platform where meme is the mirror of a genuine digital attitude that has become a collective digital behaviour both  
culturally and politicly. 
DAR will be taken over through multiformat strategies bringing the possibility of an anachronic approach to temporary and significance. The month of the residence will be the calendar to extract historical dates and relate them to memes with two interventions per week. 
Date 1 ----- 16 Nov 1982 // Space shuttle Columbia’s first operational flight 
trust me 
Date 2 ----- 21 Nov 1969 // First communication throughout Arpanet, Internet predecessor 
Date 3 ----- 23 Nov 1992 // First smartphone was launched, IBM Simon 
Date 4 ----- 27 Nov 1942 // Jimi Hendrix was born 
Date 5 ---- 01 Dec 1991 // Ukraine’s voters approved independence from the USSR 
Date 6 ----- 05 Dec 1937 // Morgan Freeman was born 
"It doesn't matter how long my hair is or what colour my skin is or whether I'm a woman or a man." 
I am  
trust me ;)  
Date 7 ----- 08 Dec 1980 // John Lennon was killed 
Date 8 ----- 13 Dec 2003 // Deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein captured 
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