Red Sulphur 
Now in Tuscany, 
Pomegranates to warm your hands at; 
And crowns, kingly, generous, tilting crowns over the left eyebrow. 
D H Lawrence 
O Wonderful! Oh Wonderful! Oh Wonderful! 
I am food! I am food! I am food! 
My name never dies, never dies, never dies! 
I was born first in the first of the worlds, earlier than the gods,  
in the belly of what has no death! 
Whoever gives me away has helped me the most! 
Such are the laws of the mystery. 
Taittiriya Upanishad 
I’ve painted my body red, 
I’ll paint my mind all red 
Kabir the weaver's song 
Om Ami Dewa Hrih Om 
'The 3d purifier is symbolised by the colour RED, and will result in the total rebirth or annihilation of all life, say the prophecies.' Moira Timms 
The more I look at the pomegranate, really look, the more elusive it becomes. 
Pomegranates slip through time patterns. Behold this time of remembrance has begun. 
A red, red sun. 
And I will burn in red memories. 
Robert Rorabeck 
Red Sulphur 
A Lady red - amid the Hill 
Her annual secret keeps! 
Emily Dickinson 
A million seeds a million years... 
Carl Jung saw a garden of pomegranates when he was near to death. 
Last night I dreamed of pomegranates… 
"I do not know exactly what part I played in it. At bottom it was I myself: I was the marriage. And my beatitude was that of a blissful wedding.” (Jung, 1961, p. 294) 
Red Sulphur 
May pomegranates feed your journey. 
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