‘Doc Labyrinth... had become convinced that our civilisation was going the way of Rome. He saw, I think, the same cracks forming that had sundered the ancient world, the world of Greece and Rome; and it was his conviction that presently our world, our society, would pass away as theirs did, and a period of darkness would follow.’ 
‘Now Labyrinth, having thought this, began to brood over all the fine and lovely things that would be lost in the reshuffling of societies. He thought of the art, the literature, the manners, the music, everything that would be lost’. 
(Dick P.K., The Preserving Machine, 1953) 
These opening paragraphs really seem to resonate as being particularly timely. And our desire to try to preserve familiar objects in times of uncertainty. 
Starting with a high-res scan of Roman goddess Venus de Milo I applied various polygon reduction techniques, to simplify yet preserve traces of the original form (a little like jpeg image compression). These versions were 3D printed and then photographed with a Polaroid camera. 
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