Looking at the sublime in screen based virtual worlds as the core theme; the work also aims to discuss morality and responsibility within virtual space and also the skewed perspective of death that video games develop. 
The online streaming component of the work will be a live performance in which an avatar is lead to areas of sublime ‘natural’ beauty within the games digital landscape. Drawing inspiration from romantic landscape painting such as Casper David Friedrich’s, ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’; the beauty of the games setting will be undermined by the world’s lawless baseline and tendency for players to lean towards behaviors known as ‘griefing’ in which players actively try to disrupt and ruin other players experience through constantly attacking and killing other players who are not actively seeking or engaging in combat. 
Kendrick aims to utilise this online residency as space to research and develop a small body of work culminating the physical component of the work, which will involve a new video installation work looking at the evolution of online griefing and moral codes (or lack of) within the video game world. Will we begin to port our irl behavior to these spaces or will we continue to treat them as space free from responsibility. 
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